Our company

At NANOFITOTEC we work on projects involving quality control of plant raw materials, optimization of processes for obtaining standardized extracts and the development of phytotherapics, phytocosmetics and nutraceuticals using new technologies (nanotechnology) to improve the bioavailability of the responsible active principles of pharmacological activity in living beings.

The tools that NANOFITOTEC uses to bring to the market a product of quality and guarantee are:

  • Design of experiments, DOE:
    For the optimization phase in obtaining the plant extracts.

  • Nanotechnology:
    For the optimization of the bioavailability of the active principles in people.

Our mission

Provide scientific advisory services and technical assistance for the production of innovative phytotherapics, phytocosmetics and nutraceuticals of high added value based on standardized and optimized extracts of plant species that contribute to the conservation and recovery of the population's health.

Our vision

To be the main suppliers of scientific advice and technical assistance of the Public and Private sector for the production of phytotherapics, phytocosmetics and nutraceuticals.

1. Passion for innovation.
2. Business Ethics.
3. Professional and personal growth.
4. Social and environmental responsibility.
5. Humility in our relationships.
6. Honesty.
7. Solidarity.

Our history

It was born in 2012 as a "Spin-off" company of the University of São Paulo-Brazil, aimed at innovation in phytotherapics.

It was founded and incubated during the period 2012-2015 in the Center of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology (CIETEC) - USP.

In 2013 it extends its field of action to the development of phytocosmetics and nutraceuticals due to the growing need of the national industries of the sector, to develop quality products based on plant species.

Through the use of NANOTECHNOLOGY and through financial support from the private company LC Brito Consultoria (seed capital and coaching) and public bodies such as the Foundation for Research Support of the State of São Paulo (FAPESP) and the Brazilian Research and Innovation Company Industrial (Embrapii) have been developed 3 Flag products of which currently own registered patents.

In the middle of 2015 it develops an institutional agreement with the Company of Development of the Polo of High Technology of Campinas (CIATEC), in which collaborative research works are developed.

At the end of 2016 NANOFITOTEC decides to enter Peru in the face of the growing development of the natural products industry, showing itself as a consistent alternative of scientific and technological criteria useful to direct the work with medicinal plants of the Public and Private sector.

Policies / Guidelines

  • Compliance with current National and International legislation.
  • Care of the environment and preservation of biodiversity.
  • Respect for intellectual property.
  • Orientation to results and continuous improvement.
  • Constant training of human capital.

  • Our services

    • Quality control of Vegetable Drugs intended for the production of human consumption products.
    • Production of plant extracts following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
    • Characterization and optimization of extracts of plant species.
    • Development of nanostructured extracts for their application in the production of phytotherapics, phytocosmetics and nutraceuticals.
    • Validation of Analytical Methodologies.
    • Development and management of INNOVATION PROJECTS for the production of phytotherapics, phytocosmetics and nutraceuticals.
    • Training and technical training of human resources in the field of phytotherapics, phytocosmetics and nutraceuticals.
    • Improvement of processes and products through design of experiments: Quality by Design (QbD)
    • Implementation and interpretation of phytochemical and nanotechnology analyzes in collaboration with internationally recognized research institutes.

    Our team

    Dra. Peky Noriega Salazar.

    General Manager
    • Pharmacist, researcher, inventor and entrepreneur. Nanofitotec-Inovação em Fitoterápicos, initially incubated at CIETEC-IPEN / USP and currently based at Ciatec-Campinas.
    • Post Doc, sponsored by Capes (PRODOC), FCF-USP (2008-2012).
    • MSc and Ph.D. in Production and Control of Pharmaceuticals and Medicines of FCF-USP (1999) and (2003), Sponsored by CONICIT-Venezuela.
    • Graduated in Pharmacy - Central University of Venezuela, mention Industrial Pharmaceutical Technology (1987).
    • Lines of scientific research: Technological Optimization of Phytotherapics and Phytocosmetics, with emphasis in Pharmacology, Quality Control, Pharmacognosy, Nanotechnology and Experimental Design (DOE).
    • Experience working in the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical distributor, social pharmacy (hospital) and in higher education. Vice President of the Paulista Association of phytotherapics.
    • Recent projects in Nanofitotec: 2013 and 2017: PIPE-FAPESP (Development of granules nanoparticles with cicatrizing activity) and from 2014 to 2015: Embrapii -IPT Development of nanoparticles with cosmetic anti-aging, antiacne and anti-cellulite activity.
    • Patents of nanoparticles with plant numbers: BR10 2012 021728-7 and BR10 2015 0283598.

    PhD. María Verónica Carranza Oropeza

    New Business Manager
    • Post Doc in Chemical Engineering, Bio-Nanotechnology - University of São Paulo - Laboratory of Simulation and Process Control, USP / Brazil. And Department of Chemical Engineering, Tennessee Tech University, TTU - USA.
    • PhD in Chemical Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, Laboratory of Simulation and Process Control, USP / Brazil.
    • Master in Chemical Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering. Laboratory of Simulation and Process Control, USP / Brazil
    • Scientific Evaluator: 13th, 14th and 15th Brazilian Science and Engineering Fair. 2015-2017. São Paulo, Brazil. 23rd and 24th International Symposium of Pre-degree Research. SIICUSP, 2015-2016. USP São Paulo, Brazil.
    • Participation as an evaluator in Master's Thesis and in scientific journals such as: Journal Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research and Colloidal & Polymer Science Journal.
    • Nanotechnology research line applicable to the pharmaceutical area, as well as study of new methods to encapsulate drugs in polymer nanoparticles, has carried out numerous research and scientific publications in scientific journals such as: Applied Polymer Science Journal, Macromolecular Symposia Journal and International Food Research Journal.
    • Member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE).

    Contac Us

    Peky Noriega

    General Manager

    Email: p.n@nanofitotec.com

    Teléfono: +55 11 966840222

    María Verónica Carranza Oropeza

    New Business Manager

    Email: v.c@nanofitotec.com

    Teléfono: +51 938215926

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